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We help you fast track your path to AI and automation by reshaping your workplace.


We all know the world is changing and the way we work is changing with it. 

We take an evidenced-based approach to helping organisations build a workforce that is ready for the future.

We specialise in identifying employee potential, organisational culture, enterprise change and organisational design

that enable businesses to succeed today, tomorrow and beyond.  

 Future Skills and


Let proven, science based strategies guide your approach to building the change leadership skills needed for the future workplace.

Sustained Performance Culture

Gain insight into whether you have the right culture in place to meet future problems and opportunities, and deliver your strategic agenda.

Organisational Design &

Align your organisational structure to be ready for the future, with increased efficiency and adaptability.

Change Management

Establish a better way of delivering change across the business, with less disruption, effort and conflict.


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Our passion is to build independence in others to be adaptive change leaders who thrive in the future workplace. 

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“What I truly appreciate about Debra and Leisa's work, is their understanding of teams and individual behaviours.  An understanding of both is essential to execute successful change. Debra and Leisa are able to speak to both with confidence, relevance and backed by the relevant science and research. Their ability to simply identify and explain patterns and resistors to change at both a team and individual level allows for great discussions and ultimately outcomes.”

Chief Operating Officer at Technology company

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