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We are behaviour change specialists who work with leaders to rehumanise work. We unlock your superpower for change that’s better for

What we do

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Human + Machine Integration

Almost 3 years ago, we started exploring the world of  Artificial intelligence (AI) and the impact it will have on the human workforce.

This is now an area we support our clients with, specifically, in how to roll out and integrate intelligent technology into their business environment, so that it extends the skills and abilities of their human team and delivers true integration.

Building Adaptive

Change Leadership

Through our coaching and in-house capability program, we help leaders build the mindset and skills required for change to flow easily through the business.

No one likes the noise and clean-up effort when change is delivered poorly.  Its wasted time and energy. We give you this time back, by helping you avoid it in the first place.

We will help you become a stronger leader, with more resilience and confidence, in an environment of constant change, disruption and uncertainty.

Building Resilience for Change

We work with leaders, and individuals, to build resilience for change.


Using our framework, based on over 35 years of empirical research, we will help you recognise what resources you have around you, that you can tap into to build resilience, as well as how to navigate challenging situations without depleting your resilience levels. 

We are also passionate about 

using technology to support leaders for change. 


And so on the side, we are experimenting with building AI to give leaders the edge when delivering change. We're incorporating what we know about change delivery combined with new technologies that can assist leaders. Stay tuned!

Dr Debra Panipucci
Co-Founder & Director

About Us

We've got a depth of experience across all types of change and we love what we do. 

Our team of experienced change consultants have worked on intelligent technology adoption,  large-scale cultural transformations, digitalisation, cost-reduction programs, operating model redesign, restructures, process automation, systems implementations, mergers and acquisitions, compliance projects, new product development and customer or employee experience redesign. 


Our tried and true methods and techniques work on all changes. 

Leisa Hart
Co-Founder & Director

Our Clients

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