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When it comes to complex changes, we have synthesised decades of transformation experience across many industries which means we can help you fast track the outcomes your business needs.

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Our Co-Founders and Leaders


For a long time we’ve believed that the change experience created in organisations can be better.


It’s our passion and where we see the biggest opportunity for organisations to truly harness the potential of their people and their technology as we move into era of change that’s completely different to the way business has operated in the past.


We know what works and how to create and sustain environments that leverage AI and automation, how to change people’s behaviours and habits in order to deliver sustainable business results.  Our approach is grounded in the latest thinking from neuroscience and psychology and coupled with our experience of the practical ‘how to’. We are strong advocates for inclusive design principles to ensure decision-making can benefit from the richness of diverse thoughts and ideas and the change is effective. 


Put simply, we help you create change that’s better- in less time and with less disruption and cost.


Since 2019 we’ve been working with organisations who are embarking on their AI and automation journey.


In early 2021 we became the first ‘people focused’ organisation to be accepted into the Emerj’ Global AI Accelerator Program designed for businesses specialising in AI and automation delivery. This program has enabled us to learn from experts leading intelligent technologies all around the world and this has significantly influenced how we help organisations every day.


We also work within an ecosystem of specialists across the technical side of AI and automation, data, process reengineering and communications, which we draw from depending on the organisations need at the time.


Specialist Skills

•Strategic Human Resources

•Organisation Design and Development

•Enterprise Change Management

•Change Governance

•Executive and Leadership coaching

Dr Debra Panipucci (Rivera)

Co-Founder and Director, Organisational Transformation

Debra is a senior leader in HR, OD and Transformation with experience in ASX listed, government and non-profit organisations across, finance, FMCG manufacturing and utilities.


Debra has designed and led transformation programs across Australasia and has a deep understanding of organisational behaviour, culture change and governance.  Using a collaborative, but direct approach, her strength lies in ensuring the business’ operating model, culture and people practices enable an adaptive, workplace of the future.


Helping organisations restructure (smoothly and without pain) and aligning teams to get the ROI from AI and automation is one of Debra’s superpowers.

Debra is on the Australian Human Resource Institute (AHRI) Vic OD Committee and is a graduate of the AICD.


•Ph.D in Business and Law, Deakin

•Bachelor of International Trade, Monash (Honours)

•AI Professional Certificate (IBM)/Applied AI


•Executive Coach (IECL Level 1 & 2)

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Specialist Skills

•Behaviour change specialist

•Culture Change specialist

•Strategic Change Advisory
(Assessment and Development)

•Change coaching and capability uplift

•Practical operational change delivery

•Executive and Leadership coaching

Leisa Hart

Co-Founder and Director, Organisational Transformation

Leisa has led large scale change programs across international and domestic markets. Specifically, Leisa has experience in organisations across climate change, finance, FMCG, energy, agriculture and technology industries since 2003.

As an advocate for helping organsiations get ready for the workplace of the future, Leisa is a behaviour change specialist who is practiced at unlocking the superpower of humans. Over the last couple of years Leisa has worked with organisations who are delivering change centred around increased human and intelligent technology interactions.


Leisa uses proven science-based neuroscience and psychology strategies to harness the potential of individuals and teams so the inevitable integration with AI and automation delivers the overall performance outcomes required.


Leisa is also a proud member of Team Human

(by Douglas Rushkoff). 


•Post Graduate Certificate in NeuroLeadership

•ChangeFirst –People Centred Implementation (PCI)

•Executive Coach
(IECL) Levels 1,2 & 3

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