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What We Do & Who We Are

We're a change and mindset company and we believe there's a great opportunity to help people build their resilience capacity for change so that change is easier for people. 


As specialists in behaviour change and coaching, we help people unlock their superpower for change, so they have more time available in the day and greater resilience to thrive in a world of constant change and disruption. We help free up time that is usually spent dealing with problems, resistance, and disengagement. And because the teams we work with have greater resilience and adaptability, they have more capacity for high-value connections, better decision making, increased creativity and innovation all leading to improved business outcomes.


We use science based strategies (grounded in Neuroscience and Psychology) to help harness the potential of individuals and teams to create a culture of high engagement, deep connections and great performance.


Our philosophy is that everyone has their own unique superpower for change. We help you unlock it, so its better for your people, for the business, for the world.


One of the biggest mistakes organisations make is believing that change is as easy as plugging in technology and it will replace all the work of our people. Rehumanising is the concept of creating time for more tasks that are distinctly human. This paves the way for increasing


  • interdisciplinary collaboration

  • creativity and innovation

  • perspective taking

  • more effective decision making 


All of which lead to a better people experience which inherently improves business performance. 


Over many years we have developed deep expertise in organisation and individual behaviour change, effective change communications and building adaptive change leadership capability. We've developed this expertise across different industries so we're good at being adaptive to each organisations context.

Building independence in leaders so they can lead change effectively is what makes us tick and we love what we do. 


Dr Debra Panipucci

Co-Founder & Director

Dr Debra Panipucci has been helping organisations translate changes to their

strategy, structure, process and people into successful outcomes across industries such as finance, insurance, FMCG manufacturing, and superannuation.


With a Ph.D in decision-making, Debra has a deep understanding of behaviour change which she uses to identify risks and issues holding back change.


Debra is accredited in the Human Synergistics LSI, both Prosci and ChangeFirst methodologies, as well as a certified Executive Coach (IECL Level 2) and Graduate of the AICD.


Mobile + 61 402 814 902


Leisa Hart

Co-Founder & Director

Leisa Hart has led large change programs across international and domestic markets in the climate change and finance industries.


Leisa is passionate about improving organisational effectiveness by building change adaptive leaders who are ready for increased human-digital interactions. 


As an accredited ChangeFirst practitioner and brain based executive coach (NeuroLeadership Institute & IECL Level 3) she uses science based strategies to help harness the potential of individuals and teams to deliver for organisations.


Mobile: +61 410 314 641


Why Choose Us? 

We're passionate about making change easier and we work with leaders and teams to build their confidence to navigate change more effectively.  


With the volume and complexity of changes impacting people in organisations,

it's important to have support from specialists who can help you build the resilience capacity of your leaders and teams in advance of change.  And when it comes to change, we have a lot of experience behind us - in culture change, CRM, Mergers and acquisitions, system migrations, digital transformations, process re-engineering, and compliance changes.


And when we are not busy helping leaders to be better change leaders, we are exploring the future of change management via AI.

Need more details? Reach out!

Acknowledgement of country


Adaptive Change Mindset Pty Ltd acknowledges Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as the Traditional Custodians of the land and acknowledges and pays respect to their Elders, past and present.

Dr Debra Panipucci

Mo +61 402 814 902


Leisa Hart

Mo +61 410 314 641



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