Building Resilience for Change

Resilience is a funny thing. I could ask you to tell me what you think it is – and you would give a slightly different answer to the person sitting next to you.

That's because resilience is quite vague and hard to put a finger on. There is no concrete, tangible thing that you can put your hands around and say – there I’ve got it! I’ve got resilience!


What is Resilience?

The generally agreed definition of resilience is that its an ability to bounce back and grow during difficult situations.You may know someone who is really resilient and clearly thrives during challenging times, and other people who are less resilient and who don’t cope very well during change.


Well the good news is that, resilience is in everyone. It’s a resource that we all have.  The difference between people who thrive and people who struggle to cope during change comes down to – those who thrive have kind of befriended the uncertainty and discomfort during change, and they draw from different domains in the ecosystem around them, for support during these times.

We will take you through this ecosystem, and help you identify where it is building up your resilience and where it is depleting your resilience.

Befriending the Uncertainty and Discomfort during Change

To become comfortable with ambiguous and uncertain situations, you need to understand what is happening in your brain and your mindset.

Using Your Ecosystem to Build Resilience

When building resilience for change, its important to think about all the resources you have around you.

Anticipating Change to Manage Resilience Depletion 

There are many things that deplete your resilience - change that takes you by surprise is one of the biggest!

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