Your Resilience Ecosystem

The key to resilience is in recognising what you have around you that you can tap into.

It involves more than a training program in physical health, mindset and gratitude.  In fact, we’ve been doing a lot of research on these resources and have found 4 key areas around your employees (and yourself) that either build or deplete resilience.

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The 4 Domains of Resilience

So how does it work?


Well we know that people with high resilience, who thrive during change, have a number of resources they have built up over time. These resources help them think clearly and move fast through the emotions in the change curve. In essence, they build personal strengths like hope, optimism, self esteem and self-efficacy, as well as a feeling of social attachment and belonging.

Empirical evidence has shown that if you have an abundance of these – you will be highly resilient and you will cope better with change. Also, people who have lower levels of these, have found to be less resilient.

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