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Proven and practical diagnostic tools, coaching and advisory services built from the real, lived experience of Senior business leaders.

We help you build strategies and plans for the new era of change leadership, organisational culture, organisational structure redesign

and enterprise change management capability.

Future Workplace

Strategies and plans for building the leadership skills for the future workplace

How do you know that your leaders have the right mindset and skills to be valuable assets in your future workplace?

We help you to build confident leaders, capable of driving and getting the ROI from change, because we know this is critical as AI and automation becomes embedded in businesses and disrupts your industry. 

We do this by providing a range of services such as:


Change Leadership (critical for AI and Automation)
Reducing disruption by creating targeted leadership capability.


Roadmap for the skills of the future  
The skills of the future your leaders need to start working-on today


Executive and Business Leader coaching

Leadership practices for how to integrate individuals, teams and organisations (with a focus on building resilience, openness or understanding of AI and Automation, depending on client's needs) 

Performance Culture

Strategies and plans
for a sustained performance 

Do you know if you have the right culture to achieve your strategy and goals for the next 5-10 years?


We help you understand the culture you currently have, its strengths and weaknesses and establish a roadmap so you can have confidence that you have the right culture in place to meet future problems and opportunities, and deliver your strategic agenda.


Gain deeper insights into your culture to identify the most important things your employees and leaders need to do moving forward for your business to meet future problems and opportunities.

Culture Diagnostic
Creating visibility of all aspects of the current culture        (enablers and challenges) and gaps to address for the future    workplace


Culture Roadmap
Key actions and milestones required to build an AI and    automation ready culture with sustained performance

Structue Redesign

Strategies and plans for organisational structure redesign

If you are going to be a highly successful and competitive business with strong advanced tech capabilities, what needs to be different in the way your workforce is set-up? 

Does your business have a history of poorly managed restructures? Are there stories that linger about how badly people felt treated?

We help organisations align their organisational structure to be ready for the future, with increased efficiency and adaptability.

We also have a proven track record of helping organisations erase the negative stories – by providing support for designing the right structure that fits your needs, as well as a roadmap for implementing the changes without conflict.

Our organisational structure redesign establishes increased employee capacity (reduced busy-ness and overwhelm) from role clarity, clear accountabilities, improved decision-making, prioritisation and focus, and eliminate the legacy left by past restructuring efforts.

Image by Mike Kononov
Change Management

Strategies and plans for Enterprise Change Management

For us, it's more than management – it's about building the supporting structures, tools and processes to ensure the effectiveness of your change efforts.

We leverage our extensive experience working in large ASX listed and private organisations to assist clients establish more effective change practices. When it comes to complex changes, we have synthesised decades of transformation experience which means we can help you fast track the outcomes your business needs.

Enterprise Change Framework
Creating a way of delivering change in your organisation in a    clear and concise way that everyone can remember and      implement


Establishing a team of change practitioners
How best to design and establish a team of change    practitioners


Setting up change champions across the business
Building understanding and practical action for how to lead  change for themselves and others

Change Toolkit
Easy to use tools and templates for busy leaders


Change Leadership Program
How to lead AI and Automation driven change


Change Governance and Measurement

Designing change governance for optimal visibility and      decision-making using data from the change delivery

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